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Rest Your Head -- Charles:Erik
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Warning: light slash
There's nothing in the world better than the way Erik holds him in bed, cradled against his chest, tucked under his chin — safe, protected, treasured. Most children, Charles knows, grow up on that feeling, that knowledge that they are precious to their mother, father, insert-primary-caretaker-here. Charles never had that.
He has it now.
Sometimes Erik even sings to him — seldom sings, really, but murmurs, hums, a drowsy approximation of song while he strokes Charles's hair. Usually nothing Charles recognizes — the lyrics, when he can make them out at all, are German, or Polish, or Hebrew. It doesn't matter.
Except tonight Charles does know the tune — almost. It dances on the edge of his memory, pulling him away from sleep with its irritating almost-familiarity. "Know that song," he murmurs sleepily. "Whassit called?"
"I don't know," Erik says thoughtfully. "I can't remember any of the words. Don't k
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Mirror Mirror -- Charles:Erik
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Summary: A Cerebro accident temporarily turns Charles into a living Mirror of Erised. (Done for a 1stclass-kink prompt, link below.) [light slash warning]
Cerebro is being a little odd today for reasons Hank can't explain, and he fiddles with the controls for several minutes before he'll let Charles put on the helmet.
"Okay, don't know what that was about, but it should be fine now," Hank mutters as he reaches for the switch. "Just tell me if anything—"
There's a sudden pounding on the door, making them both jump, and Hank shouts "What do you want?" just as his hand stutters on the switch.
Charles's brain lights up like a strobelight, goes dark again, and the next thing he's aware of is Hank's frantic babbling voice and his hands propping Charles up by the shoulders. He's sitting on the steps of the Cerebro platform, head between his knees.
"Charles, Charles, oh God please say something—"
"I'm all right, Hank," Charles says weak
:iconturtletotem:turtletotem 22 2
Kocham Cie -- Charles:Erik
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Summary: Charles has mixed feelings about Erik's pet names for him
Contains: slash, syrupy fluff, probably mangling of foreign languages
Done for a 1stclass_kink prompt, link below. Translations also below.
Charles can handle liebling and even schatzi, but when Erik calls him zaubermaus during a moment of... distraction, he bites Erik's lip — not in the fun way — and throws him out of the bedroom.
Erik just laughs. And the next day he switches from German endearments to Polish ones.
At least Charles assumes they're Polish; he knows Erik grew up speaking both languages, and the words don't sound like any German he's ever heard. Charles's knowledge of German is patchy enough, but his Polish is nonexistent, and Erik knows it. Charles doesn't bother asking what the words mean; Erik's smug grin makes it clear that he's not telling, that Charles not knowing is at least half the fun.
"Good morning, moje sloneczk
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Snowy Days 1 - Chess and Stairways
Charles and Erik were sitting in Charles' study at the bottom floor in the Xavier Manor. It was a typical, the young ones had been sent off to bed, exhausted from the day's hard training, but yet they kept sneaking in and out of each others bedrooms either to chat or to steal candy from the others.
Charles and Erik usually spent their spare time in the evenings with a glass of scotch, a match of chess or reading in each other's company. Typically they would discuss the events of the day or whatever came into their mind, girls, nights out, childhood, mainly Charles' or Erik's travels across the globe, they talked about all and nothing, within the short weeks they had known each other they had grown exceptionally close. They both found something in the other that were missing, they found a strong ally in each other, someone who could both challenge them intellectually, mentally and physically, a person who pushed them to evolve their powers and minds.
Charles was looking at
:icondicelostida:DiceLostIda 36 34
Cherik drabble- falling asleep
Charles always falls asleep first. It's easy for him to sleep - or Erik just has trouble falling asleep; Erik has never been sure which. Either way, Charles is asleep now, breathing evenly, and Erik lies awake, thinking.
He's perfect, Erik thinks, stroking his lover's hair - something that calms him, though Charles always jokes that he's going bald. Erik knows that in the morning - or even now, as he sleeps, apparently so calmly - Charles will be worrying that he's hurt Erik somehow.
Erik isn't hurt, though. He's taken no offense at what Charles said. It wasn't insensitive, really; it's just that they are two very different men and see the world in two very different ways. It's so easy for Charles to see only the good in the world. "The universe is kind," he'd said. Erik doesn't blame him. Charles has seen so little of the horrors of the world; no matter how many minds he's peeked into, nothing matches actually living through the darkest things this life has to offer.
And Erik h
:iconkiteling:Kiteling 41 10
Beta Reader: teaser
Lucas Till. Alex Summers. Lucas Troll. HavokInWonderland. A dozen names for a man with a dozen faces: actor, movie superhero, fanboy, object of fangirls' affection, and, yes, Internet troll.
He didn't troll in a mean way; actually, he trolled his fandom because he loved them. How could he not? Not only did they seem to worship the very ground he walked upon, they were a bunch of incredibly creative, delightfully perverted, almost dangerously passionate people. Upon discovering the Havshee fandom, he had called Caleb, who had reacted thus:
"What's Havshee?"
"It's this thing, the fans invented it. It's great, it's hilarious, it's completely impossible, it would never really work with the Alex and Sean characters – "
"Can I smoke Havshee? Or is it a kind of Oreo?"
"…No and no."
"Then I'm not interested."
Caleb had proceeded to wax poetic (or just high) on the philosophical meanings behind the shade of blue used in Oreo packaging, and then had said something frantic about being o
:iconkiteling:Kiteling 3 0
Night Terrors
Title: Night Terrors
Rating: PG (mildly implied Erik/Charles, could also be taken as friendship)
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Summary: Erik has nightmares. Charles knows what they're of.
"Wir werden jetzt einen kleinen Test machen, Jungchen … nur um zu sehen, wie du dich schlägst…"
"Nein, bitte, nicht! Ich kann nicht…!"
"… beweg die Münze…"

Charles jolted awake in a panicked terror, sweat dripping down his brow. He wiped his eyes and checks the time, ugh… just past 1 in the morning, this was ridiculous. WHY was he having dreams about a strange doctor who enjoyed torturing him? He also had the strangest feeling that the dreams weren't in English but… that was impossible… didn't know any other… langua-zzzzzzzzz… he promptly fell back to sleep.
The next dream was more vivid, more painful, he thinks of a woman, his mother, but not his mother, this woman obviously loved him and he her, Charles' moth
:iconthy-demon:Thy-Demon 14 14
Biding Time- Erik_Charles
"Old friend..." Charles hears, and it raises goosebumps on his arms. "It feels like an eternity since we last met."
It's an absurd little statement, really. It hasn't been more than a day, at the most, since Charles Xavier had unintentionally (although not unknowingly)
helped murder that bastard Shaw. Time is hard to tell when you're not awake, but Charles is very sure it hasn't been long enough to be christened an eternity.
"Hardly." He responds, no resentment in his voice at all. He knows this man, the one looming over his restrained body, had called him a friend, and still does. He knows this man; he knows what is going through his mi-
He doesn't know what Erik is thinking. Why can't he hear his thoughts? It sends a small shock of panic through him. It's the helmet, the blasted piece of metal standing between him and reminding Erik of everything he is, everything they could be (but it's too late for could be, Charles thinks, and he feels sick that Erik can't hear him.
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